VFW WI Partners With Sierra Delta

- 6/23/2023




MADISON 6-21-2023 – The VFW Department of Wisconsin is pleased to announce its collaboration with Sierra Delta, a non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. The partnership aims to launch the New State Commander's Project, a joint initiative focused on enhancing the lives of military veterans and their service dogs.

Sierra Delta is dedicated to providing support and resources to veterans by pairing them with highly trained service dogs. These companions play a crucial role in assisting veterans with physical and emotional challenges, enabling them to lead more fulfilling and independent lives. Through this partnership, the VFW Department of Wisconsin seeks to strengthen the bond between veterans and their service dogs while addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by this deserving community.

The New State Commander's Project will focus on several key objectives:

1. Enhanced Support: The VFW Department of Wisconsin will collaborate with Sierra Delta to provide increased support to veterans and their service dogs. This will include financial assistance for training, veterinary care, and ongoing support services.

2. Awareness and Education: The partnership will raise awareness about the benefits of service dogs for veterans. Through community outreach programs, educational initiatives, and public events, the New Commander's Project aims to educate the public about the invaluable role of service dogs in the lives of veterans.

3. Advocacy and Legislative Efforts: The VFW Department of Wisconsin and Sierra Delta will work together to advocate for policies and legislation that promote the rights and well-being of veterans and their service dogs. This includes supporting measures to ensure access to public places and transportation for service dogs, as well as addressing any existing barriers or challenges faced by veterans.

State Commander Ron Ramos, VFW Department of Wisconsin, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are proud to partner with Sierra Delta to launch the New State Commander's Project. This initiative aligns with our commitment to support and uplift our veterans. Through this partnership, we aim to make a positive impact in the lives of those who have bravely served our country."

The VFW Department of Wisconsin and Sierra Delta invite the community, businesses, and individuals who are passionate about supporting veterans to join them in this worthy cause. Together, they aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of veterans and their service dogs.

For more information about the New Joint Special Project and how to get involved, please visit the VFW Department of Wisconsin's official website at
Media Contact:
VFW (Department of Wisconsin)
Adam Wallace
Adjutant & Judge Advocate
Phone: 608-221-5276


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